We are learning that having a diet that comprises a balance of fruits and vegetables promotes strong teeth, gums, and can also protect you from cavities. Since we were all kids, we heard the saying, “Eat your vegetables.” It is widely known that getting more greens in your daily diet is a basic way to stay healthy. We are now learning what it can do for your dental health.

Apples and Citrus Fruits

Apple and citrus fruits are not only good for you, but because of the texture and material they are made of, they are good substitutes to brush with while you are eating.

By chewing the fibrous texture of apples, it stimulates your gums, reduces cavity-causing bacteria, and increases saliva flow. More saliva is good because it decreases the acidity in your mouth and washes away particles of food that lead to decay.

Carrots, Celery, and Raw Vegetables

By chewing on raw carrots, celery, and other fibrous and hard vegetables, it stimulates the gums and helps to generate mouth cleansing saliva. Carrots and celery are great sources of beta-carotene, which is what the body needs to produce vitamin A, essential for building strong teeth.

There are many other healthy alternatives to eating a candy bar. We have mentioned a few above. There are others like leafy greens or sweet berries. A simple google search can help you locate the fruits and vegetables that you enjoy, but they will also be helpful in your oral health care. By planning your meals each day if you include some of these healthy foods for your teeth, while combined with brushing and flossing daily. You can make dental visits a rarity outside of routine cleanings. If you have any other questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.