Veneers are lifesavers. They are among the best option whenever you notice cracks or chips in your teeth. They can help limit the extent of these cracks, and cover cracks that are there. If left unattended, they could easily spread, exposing inner parts of your dentition. The veneers will cover cracks in your teeth and protect each tooth so the cracks do not get worse. Veneers can last quite some time, but even before the end of their lifespan, they sometimes do come off. By taking the right steps, you can preserve your veneer so you can bring it to us and have it reattached.

Speak To Us First

The question of whether you can preserve the veneer or not will trickle down to the extent of damage it has gone through. For instance, if the veneers are cracked excessively, there might be little you can do to save it. However, if it shows signs of coming off without a crack, fixing the issue is often generally easy.
Feel free to call us first before doing anything. We will ask you a few questions to figure out the issue. From there, we can schedule a time for you to come in and get your veneer fixed.

Your Tooth Should Be Just Fine

When a veneer comes loose, it is important for us to replace it as quickly as possible. So long as we can get in and replace the veneer right away, your tooth should not have any trouble being safe during the process. The moment your veneer comes loose or comes off, you need to call us. That way, we can get you in quickly to resolve the issue. The sooner we get the process started, the easier replacing your veneer can be. Veneers are not meant to last the rest of your life. However, they are strong enough to last at least a decade when cared for properly.