When you want the best smile, this means choosing the best whitening method that is going to stick to the teeth. However, once we whiten your teeth, there are some things you should make sure not to do. This is because it can actually cause stains to reappear on the teeth. You’ve had the whitening method done, and you do not want to worry about stains happening and having to show up to have the whitening process done again.

Helping to Keep Your Teeth White

It is important to keep your teeth white, and due to this, there are some things to keep in mind. Staying away from any drinks, such as wine or juices, that would stain the outside of the teeth is the best to go with.

You want to ensure that you drink more water because this reduces the stains on the teeth and it keeps your mouth hydrated.
It is recommended that the same happens for anything you eat. There are items, such as fruits that can stain the outside of the teeth. There are a set type of fruits and vegetables, drinks, and other foods that can be eaten, but for the most part, it is important to consider anything that is a deeper color, such as red sauces, should be stayed away from. Anything that has a white consistency is recommended, as this won’t cause stains on the outside of the teeth.

It is also recommended that you follow our directions as much as possible. This is because it is important that you keep your teeth white. When we provide the whitening that you need and want, we will go over the directions we recommend you follow and you can ask our professionals any questions you might have about the process of aftercare instructions. Call us today!